Is your crawl space insulation failing to keep air and moisture out of your home? It costs less than you think to insulate it once and for all. We recommend spray foam insulation for your crawl space because it conforms to the area in which it’s applied and seals it. Our team specializes in everything needed to insulate the space between the ground and your floor.

What’s the best way to keep air, moisture, and pests from coming up
through the floor in your home?. Spray Polyurethane Foam or (SPF)!
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spray foam insulation for crawl spaces in Alabama

Crawl Space Insulation Service

A properly insulated crawl space is a fundamental element of a comfortable and healthy home. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) completely fills voids in your subflooring to create a uniform thermal barrier. It also provides an air and moisture barrier. As an added bonus, it can help deter rodents from entering your home.

Our crawl space insulation service begins with the removal of all of the old fiberglass batting. If your house has been around a while, a lot of the insulation may be on the ground already. We will clear out the old insulation and dispose of it properly. This approach makes space for your new spray foam insulation. After the old insulation is out of the way, our professional installers will spray every nook and crevice of your floor joists with spray foam. As they work, the spray foam will conform to the surfaces where it’s applied, creating a guaranteed thermal and air barrier. This barrier can help to resolve those cold floors!

The walls and joist ends are also covered with SPF. Spraying into the joist ends helps to stop air leakage. It also adds to the energy efficiency of the spray foam.

Crawl Space Insulation Cost

The price of insulating your crawl space varies depending on the size of your home. As of 2022, the average crawl space insulation cost is between $2,000 and $3,000. The square footage of your floor space is the main factor in the amount you’ll pay. The height of your crawl space walls can also affect the price. Even so, with our company, it’s always affordable and the return on investment is amazing. Another price factor is the material used to insulate the space. You can use open-cell spray foam insulation. But there may be times when the more watertight closed-cell foam is a better option. Our professionals can help you to determine which option will best suit your needs.

We provide spray foam crawl space insulation services in Prattville and the surrounding areas, and anywhere in the state of Alabama.